Four features of GPS pigeon trackers


modular design
The smallest volume in the industry


The lightest weight in the industry
Reduce the pigeon load

High battery life

Wisdom sleeps
12 hours of extra-long power

Easy software

Software cross-platform design
Functional innovation meets your needs

Product six core

Double fixation

The charging base has been redesigned
Avoid poor charging contact

Waterproof certification

Water-resistant design, via SGS
Lab IPX7 certification

Easy to identify

Redesign the charging method
At a glance, you can tell if the battery is full

Enhanced lifting

Door tightness increased by 400%
Make sure the foot ring does not fall off

The second paragraph opens and closes

Redesign the way the battery is turned on and off
Make sure it doesn't come off

Friendly design

A new way to open the clamp door
Protect the pigeon's feet from pinching

Fully upgrade

0 %
The volume is reduced
0 %
Weight reduction

Skyleader six features of software

Protect your privacy

The software account is bound to the foot ring
Prevent the leakage of trace data

Record mode

Five release settings
It can be selected by time and distance

Chart analysis

Dataized charts
Learn about the altitude and speed of your flight path


Supports eight languages
Go international

Built-in map

The software has a map of Gugo built into it
and Gaudreud's map

Training record

Browse history and let go
Tracks and data

Download software and files

The transport seat driver / Software instructions / Intimate little jingle